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Family Dentistry

Looking After Your Whole Family!

Family Dentistry in Edson

Family Dental Services

A family dentist is a unique part of your healthcare team. Like a family doctor, a family dental practice looks after the unique needs of each member of your family. Family dentists are trained to understand oral health and associated complexities across demographics. Young and old, family dental practice provides a unique opportunity to partner with a member of your healthcare team for the long-term. our goal is to foster rapport and relationship with your young family so that we can continue to support their dental care needs into adulthood and beyond.

We believe in setting the stage for a great experience at the dentist from a young age. We believe that all members of the family can look forward to going to the dentist when a positive relationship is in place. We go the extra mile to provide an environment that is welcoming and calm and take our time to get to know and understand your family’s unique needs. Family dentistry offers comprehensive care to your growing family and supports the overall health of each member as a partner in your healthcare team.

We Love Kids!

At Family Dental Health, our passion for supporting your child’s oral health is demonstrated in everything that we do. We employ a staff of friendly, helpful individuals who are keenly motivated to ensure a great dental experience for your child. We offer accommodations to assist your family in feeling comfortable at the dentist, including extended appointment times. Extended appointment times are offered to those patients who may require some additional time to feel comfortable having a procedure completed. We employ tools and resources to help foster a productive level of calm throughout your visit. Further, group appointments are made available for those families who cannot easily accommodate multiple appointments throughout the year. Group appointments and extended hours are just one more way that we work to meet the needs of your family.

Family Focused Dentistry

We are a family focused dental clinic located right here in Edson. We look after the oral care for your whole family!

From Toddlers to Seniors

We are passionate about providing oral care to everyone in your family from the youngest to the oldest members.


We offer an accessible clinic and encourage our patients to bring comfort items to their appointment when anxiety is a concern. We make every effort to offer consultations with the intention of assisting our patients in feeling comfortable and never rushed or pressured into having a procedure performed.

Dental anxiety can be present in any of the patients seen at our clinic whether they are young or old. There are many factors to consider when identifying how best to assist a patient managing their anxiety. Dental anxiety can be transferred from the parent to the child in some instances which is why we remain motivated to forge excellent relationships with the members of your family in order to help each member embrace a positive narrative as it relates to their oral health. We are experts in the management if and assistance with coping with anxiety in the dental environment. Our team is equipped with many tools and techniques to assist our patients in feeling comfortable including minimizing sensory input such as bright lighting, and communication techniques. We also offer oral sedation alternatives to assist our patients and feeling comfortable throughout their procedures. While oral sedation is not required in most situations, it has a long and well-documented history of use and is safe for those patients who require additional support. Oral sedation is also of benefit where the patient requires multiple procedures to be performed.

Special Needs and Elder Care

Our office takes pride in our ability to effectively manage and prioritize the needs of our patients, particularly in complex areas of practice such as special needs and elder care. Chronic conditions can accompany special needs patients who are often at increased risk for periodontal disease and dental caries. We partner with the caregivers of our special-needs patients to empower them with the tools they require to be able to provide effective oral health management to their loved one between appointments. Our sound knowledge of chronic conditions and their associated complexities position us well to be able to support and offer effective dental care to these patients.

Elderly patients and patients in long-term care often have medical comorbidities which must be considered in their dental treatment. Our dental staff keeps abreast of all new developments in the dental industry as well as maintains up-to-date knowledge of best practices in order to ensure comprehensive and competent dental care to patients with complex medical circumstances.

Consider a Family Dental Practice

If your family does not have a family dentist, we encourage you to consider how a family dental practice could add value to your families oral care and overall health management. Call our practice today to speak with one of our friendly front desk staff members who can answer any questions you may have about whether a family dental practice is right for your family.

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